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Bioclear Montreal

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Bioclear—what is it? français

Dr. Marie-France Roux is happy to provide patients in Downtown Montreal, at Complexe Desjardins and in the Quartier des Spectacles with the Bioclear method. Bioclear is an emerging and revolutionary technique to restore teeth, which is now being taught in top North American universities. By heating tooth-coloured filling material, trained dentists can shape and mould a filling to your tooth, eliminating the risk of gaps or air bubbles entrapment, which lead to pain and sensitivity, and weak bonding, which can more easily stain.

Is Bioclear SAFE for my teeth?

3M Bioclear

Because of its excellent moulding ability, Bioclear is used by your dentist to fix damaged teeth. For example, loose fillings or fractured teeth can be flawlessly repaired and made whole again with this warm injection technique. In other words, Bioclear allows for your teeth to get repaired in a way that is both secure and strong, which will last.

Is Bioclear better than veneers?

3M Bioclear

What else is Bioclear used for?

Bioclear can also be used to shape and mould your front teeth and give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of without the cost of porcelain veneers. Bioclear offers a great way to close the gaps between your teeth. Tiny, skinny teeth? No problem, the Bioclear technique can yield some high-shine, beautiful results which will feel and look smooth.

Why you want to consider Bioclear

Dr. Marie-France Roux —Dark triangles filled with the Bioclear Method in Downtown Montreal H2X 3Y2

The Bioclear method is all about tooth rejuvenation. Whether getting rid of black triangles or filling gaps between teeth, Bioclear wraps around and over your enamel, often times with no need to drill your teeth. Straight and aligned teeth mean a great smile, stronger gums, and overall better health.

As in all dental work, it is important you maintain excellent home care by brushing and flossing daily.

To learn more about Bioclear or schedule consultation with Dr. Roux please call 514.849.fill out the online form..

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